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  1. as you know the installer for 1.6.2 fails to download the libraries, after following the instructions in the EAQ i still cant get forge installed. downloaded and extracted the files then ran minecraft like it said to, but nothing happened so to speak. vanilla minecraft just launched as it would w/o the libraries. tried downloading the installer again, with the libraries already there from the manual download. it got past the scala-library, but not the scala-compiler. it seems to always try downloading and extracting the compiler, even if its already there. any idea how to fix this? ( OS debain based linux with java7 64bit ) [edit] no clue how but 8 tries later of just running the installer ,after all the above stuff, it finally worked.
  2. guessing custom world gen with the exception of new ores, biomes, and dimensions isn't supported at all then?
  3. you know that little button that u can choose, flat, normal or large biomes from? how do you add another one of those as well as the world generator that would be used for it?
  4. spawning it shouldnt be too bad, player.dropItemWithOffset() should do it just create a new itemstack with that item to do it. but making it fountain up , no clue.
  5. so i'm looking to make some of my blocks be able to work like entities ( not TE ) where u can move and rotate them in any direction while still being able to collide with them. essentialy i'm trying to make something like RP frames, but with the ability to rotate , move, and even hold in positions that are not in normal block positions. any idea of how to do this ?
  6. i think from there you just use textures on down from there
  7. in your mcp/src/Minecraft folder add mods/<yourModName>/textures/items/<itemName>.png in textures is where you set all your sub folders blocks items ect.
  8. i finaly got my tile entity to do everything else its supposed to including send data to/from server side but i cant get the dam thing to load info from save. i've noticed that on startup i get a message saying that its skipping my TE not sure if it correlates to the problem but just encase. so how do i fix this?
  9. nvm, the entire then was a derped if statement ><;
  10. for some reason it only wants to send to the client and never get the info from the client. the on activated function in the block: and almost all the TE class
  11. the general idea is solid, but it sounds like it would be severely limited in a SSP environment
  12. well after a bit of thinking i have a few ideas , not all the best per say but ideas all the same 1) use meta to store the render pass and when u set the block type in the TE you could update the block to the block of that pass 2) the long tedious custom renderer 3) check the render pass of the block before you store it in the TE and only allow pass 0 ones and ones that are opaque cubes , as pass 1 blocks appear to only be the semi-transparent ones and something see through wouldn't exactly hide a wire very well lol just the ones i could come up with, their are probably more ways
  13. ok so your trying to not use a custom renderer at all but the basic one with a work around to get a different blocks texture ? also what exactly is your block gonna do? (so i can try to figure out what u want w/o having to weed though the obscurity of what will and wont work cause of something i dont have any info on )
  14. do the tile entity data packets need to use the custom data packet, or is it posible to use the Packet132TileEntityData to send and receive updates from client and server ? and if so how?
  15. not sure why it wouldnt have been able to as it wrote the other just fine , though the one took a while and yeah ^^; i was kinda annoyed that it took 1 min of doing nothing just to spend 10 seconds checking something XP
  16. the Item class doesnt have a meta constructor , but u can add one to your item w/o using it in the main item class and that texture issue could be from the comment i added by where u set the icon array as the icon itself ( added to my above post some )
  17. "cant get it to work" is a little vauge but heres what i'd do. in your constructor add a meta data , that way you can create each subitem in your mod file separately. from there of course save the meta and when the register icon comes up register the default item icon var directly to the item you want by iconIndex = iconRegister.func_94245_a("miseriacraft:" + subNames[meta]); package com.xeto.miseriacraft.item; import java.util.List; import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.Side; import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.SideOnly; import net.minecraft.client.renderer.texture.IconRegister; import net.minecraft.creativetab.CreativeTabs; import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.util.Icon; import net.minecraft.util.MathHelper; public class ItemOreDrops extends Item { protected Icon[] icon = new Icon[3]; // remove compleatly , useless especialy how your using it. icon[meta] = registered maybe , but then your registering 3 files for each item int meta = 0; private final static String[] subNames = { "lapun", "miseria", "soul" }; public ItemOreDrops(int par1,int meta) { super(par1); setHasSubtypes(true); setMaxDamage(0); setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabMaterials); setUnlocalizedName("miseriaitem"); this.meta = meta; } @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public Icon getIconFromDamage(int par1) { // i'd try catch with a catch returning icon 0 and a system.out msg int j = MathHelper.clamp_int(par1, 0, 3); return icon[j]; } public String getUnlocalizedName(ItemStack par1ItemStack) { return getUnlocalizedName() + "." + subNames[meta]; } @SuppressWarnings({ "rawtypes", "unchecked" }) @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public void getSubItems(int par1, CreativeTabs par2CreativeTabs, List par3List) { // could add them manualy just like each of the 3 items in the mod file // or if your incrementing though them at some point where you will set it to a higher meta it'd be better to set that by number by meta = (meta + 1) % 3 for (int j = 0; j < 3; ++j) { par3List.add(new ItemStack(par1, 1, j)); } } public void func_94332_a(IconRegister iconRegister) { for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { // icon = iconRegister.func_94245_a("miseriacraft:" + subNames); no , just no. your setting an Icon to the icon array, not the icon array's index iconIndex = iconRegister.func_94245_a("miseriacraft:" + subNames[meta]); } } [code] note , i havent tested this or even checked syntax, could be errors in the changes
  18. i think now you want to setUnlocalizedName("itemName"); then LanguageRegistry.addStringLocalization(key, lang, value); where key is "item.itemName" not sure as i've never used it but it sounds like its how it should work
  19. personaly i'd use a case using a char function (void or return type) checkName(String name){ char nameChar[] = name.toLowerCase().toCharArray(); switch nameChar[0] { case 'a' : <function to do here> break; // if void, else return from the above function case 'b' : <function to do here> break; // ect.. case default : System.out.println("you fucked up"); break; } }
  20. from what i'm getting from the first post is your ( probably ) storing the id of the block that you want the texture of. witch if you are it wouldnt work above block id 15. and i dont think adding a second var to the block would work so the only way i could think of is to add a tile entity and custom renderer like i'm haveing to. the tile entity doesn't need much in the way of variables, block id, render pass, and side would be the easiest. then from the custom renderer u get the tile entity by using the IBlockAccess.getTileEntity() , cast that to your tile entity and get the data either from the variables or by reading from the nbt trough that. AbrarSyed has a mod in github i've been using as a refrence , though its for 1.4.7 it should be adaptable enough to work for 1.5 https://github.com/AbrarSyed/SecretRoomsMod-forge
  21. not sure how your doing it ,but couldn't you call get render pass in your block and have that call a get render pass in the block that has the texture you want to use? i'm kinda doing something similar in a mod i'm working on but i dont think i will have that problem as i'm getting only the texture of solid, normal blocks. but i'm using a tile entity ,3 int arrays ( may be able to shrink rotation and meta to what ever size a hexadecimal uses later) , and a custom renderer to read the info.
  22. i may know why, did you mean to set supple obby to L and light leather to S ?
  23. its not that it was trying to download it that was the problem , its that it was trying to and "succeeding" but never keeping it for more than that run, and more so even while it was running after downloading it, it never showed up in the lib folder until i manually placed it there, after witch it stayed where it was supposed to.
  24. ok adding the library fixed it. ^^;
  25. i have: argo-small-3.2.jar asm-all-4.1.jar bcprov-jdk15on-148.jar deobfusacation_data_1.5.zip guava-14.0-rc3.jar last few times only the scala one seemed to be downloading. whats weird is even when it's running the file list is the same as above. also decided to do a search of everything inside my mcp folder for "scala" only got 2 adapter classes, this was done while it was running. gonna try manualy adding it to see if it fixes it the connection issue is just cause my crappy internet service getting overloaded too easily, not blaming that on forge or anyone.
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