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  1. as you know the installer for 1.6.2 fails to download the libraries, after following the instructions in the EAQ i still cant get forge installed. downloaded and extracted the files then ran minecraft like it said to, but nothing happened so to speak. vanilla minecraft just launched as it would w/o the libraries. tried downloading the installer again, with the libraries already there from the manual download. it got past the scala-library, but not the scala-compiler. it seems to always try downloading and extracting the compiler, even if its already there. any idea how to fix this? ( OS debain based linux with java7 64bit ) [edit] no clue how but 8 tries later of just running the installer ,after all the above stuff, it finally worked.
  2. guessing custom world gen with the exception of new ores, biomes, and dimensions isn't supported at all then?
  3. you know that little button that u can choose, flat, normal or large biomes from? how do you add another one of those as well as the world generator that would be used for it?
  4. spawning it shouldnt be too bad, player.dropItemWithOffset() should do it just create a new itemstack with that item to do it. but making it fountain up , no clue.
  5. so i'm looking to make some of my blocks be able to work like entities ( not TE ) where u can move and rotate them in any direction while still being able to collide with them. essentialy i'm trying to make something like RP frames, but with the ability to rotate , move, and even hold in positions that are not in normal block positions. any idea of how to do this ?
  6. i think from there you just use textures on down from there
  7. in your mcp/src/Minecraft folder add mods/<yourModName>/textures/items/<itemName>.png in textures is where you set all your sub folders blocks items ect.
  8. i finaly got my tile entity to do everything else its supposed to including send data to/from server side but i cant get the dam thing to load info from save. i've noticed that on startup i get a message saying that its skipping my TE not sure if it correlates to the problem but just encase. so how do i fix this?
  9. nvm, the entire then was a derped if statement ><;
  10. for some reason it only wants to send to the client and never get the info from the client. the on activated function in the block: and almost all the TE class
  11. the general idea is solid, but it sounds like it would be severely limited in a SSP environment
  12. well after a bit of thinking i have a few ideas , not all the best per say but ideas all the same 1) use meta to store the render pass and when u set the block type in the TE you could update the block to the block of that pass 2) the long tedious custom renderer 3) check the render pass of the block before you store it in the TE and only allow pass 0 ones and ones that are opaque cubes , as pass 1 blocks appear to only be the semi-transparent ones and something see through wouldn't exactly hide a wire very well lol just the ones i could come up with, their are probably more ways
  13. ok so your trying to not use a custom renderer at all but the basic one with a work around to get a different blocks texture ? also what exactly is your block gonna do? (so i can try to figure out what u want w/o having to weed though the obscurity of what will and wont work cause of something i dont have any info on )
  14. do the tile entity data packets need to use the custom data packet, or is it posible to use the Packet132TileEntityData to send and receive updates from client and server ? and if so how?
  15. not sure why it wouldnt have been able to as it wrote the other just fine , though the one took a while and yeah ^^; i was kinda annoyed that it took 1 min of doing nothing just to spend 10 seconds checking something XP
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