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1.12 Remove glowing overlay from custom potion


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2 hours ago, Maideniles said:

I've made some custom potions and I would like to remove the annoying glowing texture from them. How can I do that?

I’m not sure your question could be more unspecific, we need your code, a better description of what your trying to remove (screenshots?) and maybe your logs

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I'm sorry, I guess I didn't word my question as well as I thought I did.  I mean the inventory texture of the potion bottle--the way that it glows, like an enchanted item. I want to get rid of it, if possible, so that my potion just has a plain texture. Everything else about my potions code works--the brewing recipes, etc. I just don't like the shiny overlay. How can I send it packing?  


As you requested-- here's my code, and a couple of screenshots of what I want.  And yes, I'm aware I haven't done the status icon texture yet. I haven't decided what I want it to be yet, so I will come back to it later. :)


Potions Registry:

public class PotionTypeRegistry {
    public static final PotionType GREEN_THUMB = new PotionType("green_thumb", new PotionEffect[] {new PotionEffect(TreeMod.GREEN_THUMB, 230)}).setRegistryName("green_thumb");
    public static final PotionType GATHERER = new PotionType("gatherer", new PotionEffect[] {new PotionEffect(TreeMod.GATHERER, 260)}).setRegistryName("gatherer");
    public static void registerPotionTypes() {
        PotionHelper.addMix(PotionTypes.MUNDANE, Items.GOLD_NUGGET, GATHERER);
        PotionHelper.addMix(GATHERER, ItemInit.FLORAL_ESSENCE, GREEN_THUMB);

Green Thumb potion:

public class PotionGreenThumb extends Potion {
	    public PotionGreenThumb() {
		super(false, 65460);
		setRegistryName(new ResourceLocation(Reference.MODID + ":" + "green_thumb"));


Gatherer Potion:

public class PotionGatherer extends Potion {
	public PotionGatherer() {
		super(false, 16776960);
		setRegistryName(new ResourceLocation(Reference.MODID + ":" + "gatherer"));


What I DON'T want:  http://tinypic.com/r/2cdd7ow/9

What I DO want:  http://tinypic.com/r/2rz28g3/9




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6 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Unfortunately not possible right now. But would be easy to add a simple hook to the Potion class that is called by ItemPotion#hasEffect. Feel free to make a PR.

I was afraid that was why I couldn't get it to work. There's a method in the ItemPotion code, but that does nothing for me since this is a potion and there doesn't seem to be a way to register an ItemPotion...well, that I can find, anyway. lol    How does one do a Pull Request? And thanks for the quick reply :)

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