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Getting seriously discouraged.


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This probably doesnt belong here, but i dont use a lot of forums and not sure who else to ask besides you good folk.

Has anyone other than myself noticed that Forge is the only group vociferously making an update for 1.13??

Liteloader hasnt been touched in a year

GLSL shaders havent been touched in I dont know how long

Theres an extreme lack of resource packs considering 1.13 has been out for over a month

Mods relying on forge and liteloader are non-existent

The list goes on. I cant help but feel Microsoft shot Mojang in the heart on purpose or not and that 1.12.2 was the last great version of minecraft that we'll see, provided there are any more versions at all..

Of bigger concern really:

How do i retro my world back to 1.12.2 without starting all over??


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Here are my thoughts regarding what you have said:

Optifine has a preview version for 1.13 out that was released last week, i assume this still includes shaders (The GLSL dev let the Optifine dev take over)

LiteLoader likely hasn’t needed any updates, Mumfrey is likely busy with other things, such as Mixins and Sponge

There can’t be any mods for 1.13 without Forge or LL having a version out to load the mods

Since Mojang basically overturned everything there are likely a lot of new things that people are working out for RPs/datapacks for 1.13, i’m sure they will update in time too

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6 hours ago, urushira said:

1.12.2 was the last great version of minecraft that we'll see

Are you serious? 1.7.10 or 1.8.9 was the best version and will forever be.

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37 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

And this once again proves that people say these things for every version when a new version comes out.

Until they fix the PvP, 1.7 and 1.8 will stay the best. I agree, the newest versions have loads of more interesting stuff, but still, I prefer 1.7 and 1.8.

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The greatest Version will always be the newest version. Simply because the additions give you so many new possibilities you did not have before. Sure, a lot of things are lost and some stuff might become harder, but in the end the advantages outweight the disadvantages. Take the last 2 game breakers as an example:


Integrated server, 1.3 -> (almost all) mods are now universal

Resource Packs, 1.8 -> 3D items and customization have never been easier



As an example, I am currently creating another gun mod for 1.12.2. I myself am creating it in 2D but if any user wants to turn it into a 3D mod, he can do that any time now. Go back a couple of versions and things like this are a lot harder to do.


The modders who claim that 1.7 is the best version are simply too lazy to adapt. But at some point enough 1.7 "mainstream" mods will be replaceable by new mods on the newest version and the 1.7 leftovers will switch to the new minecraft versions.

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