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Legal or illegal?


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Hey guys,

Im still learning modding and have never released a mod. Im wondering if I could release a mod, which contains copy-pasted, which I have transdformed a bit, minecraft Code. For example:

I copied some Methods of the ItemBow class to use it for my own bow. I have changed some variables, calls etc.. Could I release the mod, or do I issue Mojangs EULA? I have used Default-minecraft source Code and transformed in the listed Points. 


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Are you redistributing minecraft source code?

If not then you are clear.

That said you shouldn't be blindly copying vanilla just because it works. Actually go through the process of understanding what is that this code does and how it could be improved. Because usually it can. A lot of modmakers blindly copy mojang's code without considering that it does a lot of things that are inefficient, outdated or even deprecated in some cases.

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This is minecraft modding, You are using the methods provided by mojang(kinda). Sometimes there is only one way to do something. So what, if MC does it in the same way can you not use it anymore? Does your code have to be completely different from that of the base game? Well, both yes and no. You can't just blatanly copy the game's code and call it good. But at the same time it's okay to use a similar code that does the same thing. 

Even better yet - what if you need to replicate the behaviour of the base game? And you need an accurate replica, not just something close to that. In those cases you have to replicate the source code too, there really isn't a way around that(well you could write your own code but it will end up looking similar if not exactly the same in most cases). 

So is this legal or not? I would say it is fine as long as you are not "replicating" all of the game in that manner effectively redistributing the game's sources. the ItemBow#findAmmo method belongs to the second case. It is not the only way to do this but it is a decent way.

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5 minutes ago, DeBugger said:

Do I understand that Right? Copy and redistribute source Code of minecraft is only illegal, if you do it under your Name and ist the same game, or if it thrue your mod, which contains copied Code, contains "enough" Code to replicate minecraft?

actually I am pretty sure it says you may redistrubte modded versions of the game. Anyways forge doesn't distribute modded versions of the game they distribute files that can decompile and merge stuff to appear that way in mdk and in memory for compiled Thus it is their code and only theirs and mcp's of course

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I mean you could read minecraft's EULA. It doesn't really specify what counts as "containing enough code" and stuff but it is pretty clear.

I would say "don't be a jerk". Don't redistribute straight up sources of the game or source code that is masked as a mod. As long as you are not trying to redistribute mojang's intellectual property you are clear. Redistributing similar code to the code that you've locally decompiled is fine.

I am no expert in this though, I can only judge from what I've seen so far. And so far this is the idea that I have. Mojang still owns the right to take down your mod if they find it illegal but in most cases they do not even with mods that massively copy the decompiled code.

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