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    • Hello There! Today we are back on Creative and this isn't no ordinary Creative episode, we are celebrating Ben's birthday! We wanted to make this video just to show our thanks to him for all his help and support with videos! There are actually so many hilarious moments in this video that I know you guys are gonna love! I hope you all enjoy this video and if you did don't forget to like and sub for more!  
    • No, you should always download Forge from our site: https://files.minecraftforge.net/ If its down for you then it's something on your end. As its been running just fine.
    • `    at com._idrae.travelers_index.client.gui.OpenIndexButtonHandler.onGuiInit(OpenIndexButtonHandler.java:27) ~[?:1.15.2-1.0.1] {re:classloading}` Travelers index is broken.
    • Any further advice would be appreciated
    • I have the problem, that nothing is happening. I have the loader and the model in the blockstate.json: (if I remove the model property it just renders as the default black/pink block) { "variants": { "": { "loader": "gates:gate_placer_loader", "model": "gates:block/gate_placer" } } } But my GatePlacerModel class is never called. ModelLoader: public class GatePlacerModelLoader implements IModelLoader<GatePlacerModelConfiguration> { public static GatePlacerModelLoader INSTANCE = new GatePlacerModelLoader(); @Override public void onResourceManagerReload(IResourceManager resourceManager) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub } @Override public GatePlacerModelConfiguration read(JsonDeserializationContext deserializationContext, JsonObject modelContents) { return new GatePlacerModelConfiguration(); } } ModelConfiguration: public class GatePlacerModelConfiguration implements IModelGeometry<GatePlacerModelConfiguration> { @Override public IBakedModel bake(IModelConfiguration owner, ModelBakery bakery, Function spriteGetter, IModelTransform modelTransform, ItemOverrideList overrides, ResourceLocation modelLocation) { return new GatePlacerModel(overrides); } @Override public Collection getTextures(IModelConfiguration owner, Function modelGetter, Set missingTextureErrors) { Set<RenderMaterial> texs = Sets.newHashSet(); if (owner.isTexturePresent("base")) texs.add(owner.resolveTexture("base")); if (owner.isTexturePresent("all")) texs.add(owner.resolveTexture("all")); return texs; } } Model: public class GatePlacerModel extends BakedModel { public GatePlacerModel(ItemOverrideList overrides) { super(false, false, false, null, overrides, null, null); // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub } @Override public List<BakedQuad> getQuads(BlockState state, Direction side, Random rand, IModelData extraData) { if(extraData.hasProperty(GatePlacerTileEntity.MIMICED_BLOCKSTATE_PROPERTY)) { BlockState mimiced = extraData.getData(GatePlacerTileEntity.MIMICED_BLOCKSTATE_PROPERTY); IBakedModel mimicedModel = Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockRendererDispatcher().getModelForState(mimiced); return mimicedModel.getQuads(mimiced, side, rand, extraData); } else { return super.getQuads(state, side, rand, extraData); } } } Inside of my block i have this method: @Override public ActionResultType onBlockActivated(BlockState state, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, PlayerEntity player, Hand handIn, BlockRayTraceResult hit) { ItemStack activeStack = player.getHeldItem(handIn); if(activeStack.getItem() instanceof BlockItem) { Block block = ((BlockItem)activeStack.getItem()).getBlock(); ((GatePlacerTileEntity)worldIn.getTileEntity(pos)).setMimicedBlockState(block.getDefaultState()); // notify for block update, so the new mimiced block is synced in the tileentity class worldIn.notifyBlockUpdate(pos, state, state.with(MIMICED, Boolean.valueOf(true)), 2); return ActionResultType.SUCCESS; } return ActionResultType.FAIL; } Am I doing something wrong?
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