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Bug: food items in bowl do not get consumed


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Latest.log from a trial run with only Forge, and one mod (Food Expansion) that adds some additional foods in bowls, for testing purposes: https://pastebin.com/MmKuUxdM

However, no additional mod is required for reproduction.


Reproduction steps:


* Create new world
* Give yourself a food in a bowl (f.ex. vanilla mushroom stew)
* Whittle down your hunger bar so you can eat
* Consume the food


Expected result:


Your hunger is restored, the food item is removed, and a bowl is returned to your inventory.


Actual result:

Your hunger is restored, but the food item remains where it is and can be consumed again. Sometimes a bowl is added to your inventory, but only rarely - the vanilla mushroom stew seems to do this more often than the modded foods I tried (but that's anecdotal evidence at best).


Research performed:


I did not have this issue in my previous playthrough, so as a first step, i removed all mods from this instance that were not in my previous one. This did not fix the issue.
As a next step, I removed all mods from this instance, completely. This did not fix the issue.

The only thing left to do at this point was downgrading Forge from 2760, which I was currently using, to 2705, which I used in my previous playthrough. Here, the issue disappeared.
Finally, I tried with the latest recommended build (2768) and the latest build (2772), and in both cases, the issue could be reproduced.


I also consumed a milk bucket. It was correctly removed and correctly returned a bucket. So far it only seems to affect foods in wooden bowls, but since I cannot even hope to speculate about the root cause, I can't discount the possibility that other consumables might also do this.


Hope this helps! :)


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Empty bowls can be duplicated by having the food item in Slot 2-9, and having an empty slot in any slot to the left of the food item. You will eat, Sometimes it'll visually complete, You'll get an empty bowl, But you'll also get an Actual empty bowl in the empty slot. This basically allows you to eat and run at full speed.

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