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Minecraft not calling 'drawString' at all


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To preface, this is my code:


// the main class:

public void postInit(FMLPostInitialization event) {
	MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new SomeClass());

// the 'SomeClass':

public void onGui(RenderGameOverlayEvent event) {
	someUI.Draw("Hello There");
	for (int i = 0; i < arrayList.size(); i++) {

// the someUI.Draw():

public void Draw(String text) {
	Minecraft.fontRendererObj.drawString(text, 2, 2, 0xffffff);

// the arrayList:

public ArrayList<thisClass> arrayList = new ArrayList<thisClass>();
arrayList.add(thisClass); // and other classes which extend thisClass

// thisClass:

public class thisClass {
	public void guiRender(int offset) {
		Minecraft.getMinecraft().fontRendererObj.drawString("Test", 2, 12 + (offset * 10), 0xffffff);

The problem here is while someUI.Draw() will correctly create the text in the top right (2, 2), arrayList.get(i).guiRender(i) will not create anything. I've tried many things, from directly calling it (`new thisClass().guiRender(1)`) to merging it with someUI.Draw(). Nothing solves this problem. I'm extremely confused why it isn't creating anything, considering it should be properly creating text. I'd appreciate any help possible.

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12 hours ago, Frontear said:


This will fire each time a HUD element is drawn. Once for health, once for hunger, once for experience, etc. You need to check the current element being drawn with RenderGameOverlayEvent#getType. Otherwise you will be drawing your text many times per frame.

Also I don't believe RenderGameOverlayEvent itself is ever thrown. It's either Pre, Post or another child of that class. You probably need to handle one of the children events instead.


12 hours ago, Frontear said:

Minecraft.fontRendererObj.drawString(text, 2, 2, 0xffffff);

This wouldn't even compile. Minecraft.fontRenderer is not static.

Actually speaking of this, fontRendererObj got renamed to fontRenderer a while back. What version are you using exactly?

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you should use the RenderGameOverlayEvent.Text event

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