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Help with ID Dropped... Its not working and i have no idea why...


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OK, What im trying to do is make a universal block file so that im not makeing a thousand BlockNAMEOFBLOCK files. While trying to do this however i had to make the file very flexible...


i dont have the code with me so this is the basic gist of what it looks like.

public BlockIB extends Block{

public static int iD;
public static int qD;

public BlockIB(int id, int picId, Material material, int quantDrop, int idDrop){
super(id, picId, material);

if(idDrop != 0) {
iD = idDrop;
iD = this.blockID;

qD = quantDrop;

public int idDropped(Random rand){
return iD;

public int quantityDropped(Random rand){
return qD;

public String getTextureFile(){
return CommonProxy.BLOCK_PNG;



If you see some stupid error, its either my problem or a problem i had copying this down.

i have horrible memory...

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why not just make a block with meta data?


I admit im not that good with JAVA but i thought i had enough knowladge of it before i started this... What's metadata? well... i know what it is I just dont really know what you mean by adding metadata...

Also, this code worked before, the only reason that im remaking it is cause i lost the previous project... so i have no idea why this isnt working.

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