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can some one help me resolve id conflicts?


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im feeling pretty dumb here, i've been running a minecraft server on ubuntu for ages now and since i started a new forge server ive had id conflicts. anyway ive now found that just running my server script with just the forge.zip renamed to jar and the minecraft_server.jar and the mods and coremods folder creates a perfect config folder and the server generates no conflicts. is there any way to use the good config files to help me fix my old config so that there are no more conflicts? we dont want to start a new map and id rather avoid using another mod just to resolve these conflicts.


im using forge build: Build 2013-02-24 23:03:06 for MC: 1.4.7




conflicts in terminal

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I've looked through my config files and they don't make any sense to me. it looks like items from buildcraft are being replaced by items from buildcraft. if someone could just explain how to fix id conflicts manually or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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[lmgtfy]minecraft id resolver[/lmgtfy]


... i have used Google. the resolver mod is stupid, i don't want another mod. I've read the resolver guide for dummies, the first step is start a new map. i cant figure out how to change the config files because I'm not seeing the conflicts the terminal speaks of. cant i just edit the config files to do what the id resolver mod does? i only have a few conflicts and i don't want to use the resolver mod.

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Sometimes mod authors don't use config files. Some use their own config files (Balkon's Weapon mod for example). If You're unlucky enough to have two mods that:

-use the same ids by default

- none of them uses any config files

You won't be able to resolve conflicts easy way. You either will have to use some additional conflict resolver or poke one of the authors (the one of less popular mod, as he'll likely have more time and less spam) to use config files, so You could resolve conflicts easy way.


Maybe I'm wrong, especially if You didn't tell us something. What mods generate these conflicts?

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