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[SOLVED] Serverside giving the wrong results


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I'm making a land claiming mod, and when using the claim tool it checks for overlaps. I got all the overlapping code down and it works fine, but the server thread returns that the block overlaps a claim even if there are NO CLAIMS in the world, and the main thread returns the proper result.

See the line commented where it prints "overlaps". The server is completely off for no apparent reason.

	public EnumActionResult onItemUse(EntityPlayer player, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, EnumHand hand,
			EnumFacing facing, float hitX, float hitY, float hitZ) {
		ItemStack stack = player.getHeldItem(hand);
		NBTTagCompound data = stack.getTagCompound();
		if(data == null) {
			NBTTagCompound newTag = new NBTTagCompound();
			data = newTag;
		boolean isInClaim = ClaimManager.getManager().isBlockInAnyClaim(pos, worldIn);
		System.out.println("Overlaps: " + isInClaim); // THIS IS THE LINE WHERE THE SERVER THREAD IS WRONG
		if(!isInClaim) {
			int[] posArray = {pos.getX(), pos.getZ()};
			if(data.hasKey("Corner1")) {
					player.sendMessage(new TextComponentString("Added corner 2 at " + posArray[0] + ", " + posArray[1]));
				int[] corner1 = data.getIntArray("Corner1");
				int[] corner2 = posArray;
				BlockPos c1 = new BlockPos(corner1[0], 0, corner1[1]);
				BlockPos c2 = new BlockPos(corner2[0], 0, corner2[1]);
				/* Not needed due to ClaimArea constructor
					if(c1.subtract(c2).getX() < 0 && c1.subtract(c2).getY() < 0) {
						BlockPos c = c1; // Swap values to make c1 the proper corner
						c1 = c2;
						c2 = c;
				BlockPos sideL = c2.subtract(c1); // Subtract to get side lengths
				// Claim corners are automatically corrected to proper values by constructor
				ClaimArea newClaim;
				newClaim = new ClaimArea(player.dimension, c1.getX(), c1.getZ(), sideL.getX(), sideL.getZ(), player);
				boolean didClaim = ClaimManager.getManager().addClaim(newClaim); // Add claim
					player.sendMessage(new TextComponentString(didClaim ? "Claim added successfully!" : "This claim overlaps another claim!"));
				// Remove data so a new claim can be made.
				return didClaim ? EnumActionResult.SUCCESS : EnumActionResult.FAIL;
			} else {
				data.setIntArray("Corner1", posArray);
					player.sendMessage(new TextComponentString("Added corner 1 at " + posArray[0] + ", " + posArray[1]));
			return EnumActionResult.SUCCESS;
		} else {
			if(!worldIn.isRemote) {
				player.sendMessage(new TextComponentString("You cannot set a corner inside an existing claim!"));
		return EnumActionResult.FAIL;

I know this is not nearly enough code to represent the problem, so here is my source

I'm not sure how I should be doing the checking to insure that the server does all the work, and the client recieves such, but also having it work properly on SP.

This error shows up on SP, I haven't tested on an actual server.

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27 minutes ago, hiotewdew said:

I'm not sure how I should be doing the checking to insure that the server does all the work, and the client recieves such, but also having it work properly on SP.

There is not much difference between SP and MP since you have a server and a connection in both cases. Do your logic on the server and send the packets to the client(if needed).


35 minutes ago, hiotewdew said:

the server thread returns that the block overlaps a claim even if there are NO CLAIMS in the world

I am unable to replicate this issue with the code you've provided.




This will break as soon as the player changes their name. Use their profile's UUID.


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On 11/18/2018 at 2:09 AM, V0idWa1k3r said:

I am unable to replicate this issue with the code you've provided


Did you test this on a singleplayer world?

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Don't mean to necro, but it turns out all I had to do was put and if(!world.isRemote) {} check in general.

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