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Thank you for everything forge, you taught me better at programming than my programming teachers


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I live in a 3rd world country where 25 dollars is 1000 PHP to us and worth like my 3 months allowance, I pursued programming classes consuming my saturday weekends of time only to be uneducated by 3rd world quality programming teachers, the teacher would often just read the lesson in english which isnt our mother tongue language making it hard for majority of the students to understand, our lesson is takes 8 hours per saturday doing nothing,my classmates would usually sorround me in my computer to get help from me during the lessons, sometimes in each exam where we will need to build a program, my other colleagues would consume the 8 hour time and ask for more cus it aint enough, Me however who have experience in programming due to forge would just take 30 minutes to do it and leave my class and just save my allowance. I learned it all in programming with forge. So thank you forge, thank you forge staff, your sacrifices mean a lot to some people like me,

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