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Ore Dictionary Merging Idea

Caffeinated Pinkie

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After opening up JEI and searching "Graphite Dust", I found 3 different graphite dusts with 3 different ore dictionary names. One of them is easy enough to get. The one I actually need is insanely difficult to find anywhere.


I'm considering making a mod that allows the user to manually select multiple ore dictionary names and mark them as the same thing. On doing so, they can specify what the merged name should be, i.e. using dustGraphite for the different graphite dusts.


Maybe there could be an option to guess at the names, for example dustGraphite and graphiteDust could be combined since they have dust and graphite.


The reason I'm posting this here instead of just starting on it right away is because I'm not sure if there is already some obscure mod that does exactly this, or just a feature in Forge that can already be changed without a mod. So I'll start working on it soon if I don't find this mod. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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OreDictionary itself was meant to resolve this stuff.

1.13 introduces the Tag System in vanilla, which is pretty much a JSON version of OreDictionary with a couple extra features, so with Forge planning on releasing a stable 1.13 release around New Years, I think it’s better just to wait

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