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[Solved][1.12.2] Changing Sword damage Dynamically


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I have went through the forums and multiple posts and have came up with the following code. However, the bit of code doesn't seem to change anything, regardless of what I have tried.


My goal is to have the damage increase depending on the amount of mobs killed, and also to increase the speed of the sword based on this. Neither of the modified stats are having any effect on the sword in the game. To test the method, I changed the attackMod to a flat 100 and it still only did 8 damage.


	public Multimap<String, AttributeModifier> getItemAttributeModifiers(EntityEquipmentSlot equipmentSlot){
        Multimap<String, AttributeModifier> multimap = super.getItemAttributeModifiers(equipmentSlot);
        if (equipmentSlot == EntityEquipmentSlot.MAINHAND){
        	multimap.put(SharedMonsterAttributes.ATTACK_DAMAGE.getName(), new AttributeModifier(ATTACK_DAMAGE_MODIFIER, "Weapon modifier", (double)super.getAttackDamage() + 100, 0));
            multimap.put(SharedMonsterAttributes.ATTACK_SPEED.getName(), new AttributeModifier(ATTACK_SPEED_MODIFIER, "Weapon modifier", -2.4D + speedMod, 0));

        return multimap;


The whole file can be found here

If any other code is needed, ask and I shall provide. Thanks in advance!

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Solved again
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This happens because you are extending ItemSword and instantinating the base MultiMap through a super invocation. That returns you a multimap with the sword's base values already in place set by ItemSword. Your additions are not taken by the game since they are already applied by ItemSword, and they don't override the old ones because it's a MultiMap. 

Basically create a new empty multimap instead of grabbing the one from ItemSword.

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Well, while testing it seems like I found an issue, while I hold just one sword, it works perfectly, but if I have one sword that has 0 souls, and another with 1000, they both have the same attack and speed that was modified by the sword with 1000 souls. Where exactly have I messed up?


Here is the current code that I am working with.

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