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How do I render bounding box to entity?


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I want the bounding box to be visible to the entity the player is looking at. But the bounding box is displayed to me.

How do I display this to entity?


This is my code:


    public void renderWorldLastEvent(RenderWorldLastEvent event) {

        if (Minecraft.getMinecraft().objectMouseOver.entityHit != null) {
            renderEntityBox(Minecraft.getMinecraft().objectMouseOver.entityHit, event.getPartialTicks());

    void renderEntityBox(Entity entity, float PartialTicks) {

        AxisAlignedBB boundingBox = entity.getEntityBoundingBox();

        double d0 = entity.lastTickPosX + (entity.posX - entity.lastTickPosX) * (double)PartialTicks;
        double d1 = entity.lastTickPosY + (entity.posY - entity.lastTickPosY) * (double)PartialTicks;
        double d2 = entity.lastTickPosZ + (entity.posZ - entity.lastTickPosZ) * (double)PartialTicks;
        Tessellator.getInstance().getBuffer().setTranslation(-d0, -d1, -d2);
        RenderGlobal.drawSelectionBoundingBox(boundingBox, 1.0F,1.0F,1.0F,1.0F);



Or can the entity's outline be displayed in red? Instead of doing it like a Glowing effect, it's red.




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This is because opengl coordinate space defines the coordinate (x0, y0, z0) as the camera position. In order to have the bounding box displayed around the entity, you would have to translate (and probably also rotate) the bounding box to the entity position.


You could check out the code used in minecraft debug mode (Pressing F3+B).

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first translate to world origin 0,0,0

GlStateManager.translate(-player.posX, -player.posY, -player.posZ);


then translate to the entity position

GlStateManager.translate(entity.posX, entity.posY, entity.posZ);




but you should combine them to one translate call, like

GlStateManager.translate(entity.posX - player.posX, entity.posY - player.posY, entity.posZ - player.posZ);


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