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Adding icons in inventory


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How would I be able to add clickable icons (similar to JEI) when in an inventory that has a specific name?


I want to create buttons that only appear when inside said inventory.


Also why are the forge docs not great? Is there anywhere that has a list of every function / method / event?

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1 minute ago, diesieben07 said:

Server or client?


Also, how can I check if they have clicked in said inventory after getting the inventory data?


So basically the server I play on cancels the chest open event with a plugin, and opens a different inventory called Bank.

How can I test for the bank being opened?

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3 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Duh. I should pay attention.

Check if the screen is a GuiChest. This is not a guarantee however, since GuiChest is also used by plugins on servers to display custom inventories. There is no way to detect a true vanilla chest inventory purely on the client.


Please clarify what you mean by "getting the inventory data".

Mouse clicks in a GUI can be detected with GuiScreenEvent.MouseInputEvent.Pre, cancel it to prevent processing by the screen. This event is called inside LWJGL's Mouse.next() loop, so use the Mouse.getEventXXX methods to understand what this event is about (e.g. which mouse button was pressed, etc.).

Or, if you have a button, do it like I described above.

What I meant by inventory data, is I want to get all the items in the inventory. I need this information to test if the inventory being opened is actually a bank, because the bank inventory always has the same item in the top right corner

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You need to be on the server to get that info

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