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[SOLVED] [1.13.2] Gui not displaying after GuiScreen object returned on client side


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I've updated my code to use the new gui opening code, however whenever I click on the block, the GUI never displays. (Forge 1.13.2-25.0.73)



So far I've done the following

* registered an extension point for returning the guiscreen

** https://github.com/Ipsis/Woot/blob/1.13.x/src/main/java/ipsis/woot/Woot.java#L68

* return a new GuiScreen for the FMLPlayMessages,OpenContainer

** https://github.com/Ipsis/Woot/blob/1.13.x/src/main/java/ipsis/woot/client/GuiHandler.java#L30

* used NetworkHooks.openGui in the onBlockActivated method for the block

** https://github.com/Ipsis/Woot/blob/1.13.x/src/main/java/ipsis/woot/util/WootBlock.java#L92


If I walk through the code then I can see the client side code being called, the correct block position being passed, the correct gui id being requested and the GuiScreen object being returned.

Then FMLPlayMessages.handle method calls the displayGuiScreen method successfully,  no obvious errors seem to occur and no event seems to be cancelled. That particular method gets to the end without issue.


I've put a breakpoint in the GUI drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer and that is never hit.

Adding debug to the FMLPlayMessage.OpenContainer method handler in my code shows that I can call the gui open sequence repeatedly by right-clicking the block.


I'm assuming that I'm missing something really simple but I cannot for the life of me work out what it is.


Does anyone have any hints as to what obvious thing I'm overlooking.






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