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Using SRG names in development.

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I am currently working on a sidemod plugin for pixelmon reforged. I took a snipped of code from another project that essentially creates an itemstack and sets its nbt. I am fairly certain that this code works as intended.Capture.thumb.PNG.9cec81e4d0963ebb7f2bb7e68acff2c1.PNG

This all compiles, but when I run it, it gives me a method not found error. I assume this is because I this is a maven project, and as such have no way of using minecraft mappings. (the only reason any of this works is because I am using spongeforge). Since I only need to use this once, is there any way I could use the SRG names in development, or any other way I can solve this issue? I am trying to avoid migrating to gradle.

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You can't afaik.


I would repost this in the modder support forum, then leave a reply here, on this thread, saying you've reposted it there (with a link to the new one).  That should take care of redirecting any potential replies.


Then, if a forum moderator sees this, they can just lock it instead of moving it for you.


Edit: Also, here is the correct forum, just to be sure: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/forum/70-modder-support/


Edit2: This has been reposted on the correct forum: 


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