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[1.12.2] Player at normal speed when sneaking


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Im trying to make an armor piece that allow the player to move at normal speed when sneaking (The code im trying to make is inside a Tick Event)

I already tried few things like PotionEffect, Attributes and Capabilities and any of them change the sneak walking speed

I looked at the sneak cheat of few hacked clients and i can't find how they do

Can anyone help me?

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23 minutes ago, V0idWa1k3r said:

The sneaking speed is just a multiplier over the original player's spead(I think) you should just be able to apply an attribute modifier to the player's speed attribute if they are sneaking with your armour.

I just retried the AttributeModifier, and yeah its working (but i have to put some crazy amounts) but the FOV go waaayy too high

Is there a way to fix this?

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