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How do I create a custom bucket with the normal bucket?


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Hey, I want to have another bucket FILLED with the normal bucketEmpty as source!

How do I do that? I tried every tutorial!

I tried adding this in ItemBucket.class:


            else if (this.isFull == 0 && movingobjectposition.entityHit instanceof EntityBadAngel)
            	return new ItemStack(EternalsSwords.bucketBlood);

But doesn't work! any help?

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You can't fill buckets without an event handler permitting your code to do so. Coincidentally, I already have a bucket of blood in my mod, as well as a placeable blood liquid. And a whole class of wooden buckets, because I think buckets should be available earlier in survival mode.


Just remember to put the @ForgeSubscribed annotation on any method that accepts an event as a parameter. The event you'll (obviously) be using is the FillBucketEvent.

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You make a class with a method that accepts a FillBucketEvent as a parameter. Put the @ForgeSubscribed annotation above the method. You then have access to all the objects inside the FillBucketEvent. Use those objects to replace the liquid source with air, and actually fill the bucket. Oh, and the register it in your main class with the Forge event bus.


And check out Buildcraft's bucket handling code, I'm pretty sure that one is open source.

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