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RenderLayer causing Frame drops?!


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ok i wanted to make a renderlayer (on the player) that renders a model / entity on the player ... i have done all of this but the renderlayer causes Frame drops over time .... after like 1 minute of looking on anything that renders on it the fps are 0-4 fps

here a screen of the Lag o Meter of minecraft when i am in thirdperson:

^^ Slowly going up and getting Frame drops ^^

here is the relevant code(i am using a parrot as placeholder just to test): 

My Render Layer Class:

public class LayerEntityOnPlayerBack implements LayerRenderer<EntityLivingBase>{

    private final RenderManager renderManager;
    protected RenderLivingBase <? extends EntityLivingBase > Renderer;
    private ModelBase Model = new ModelParrot();
    private ResourceLocation Resource = RenderParrot.PARROT_TEXTURES[2];

    public LayerEntityOnPlayerBack(RenderManager rendermanager)
        this.renderManager = rendermanager;

    public void doRenderLayer(EntityLivingBase entitylivingbaseIn, float limbSwing, float limbSwingAmount, float partialTicks, float ageInTicks, float netHeadYaw, float headPitch, float scale)
        if (entitylivingbaseIn.getCapability(ModelProvider.MODEL_CAP, null).getModelID() != 0)
            GlStateManager.color(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F);

            if (entitylivingbaseIn.getCapability(ModelProvider.MODEL_CAP, null).getModelID() == 1)
            	if(Renderer == null) 
            	Renderer = new RenderParrot(this.renderManager);
                float f = entitylivingbaseIn.isSneaking() ? -1.3F : -1.5F;
                GlStateManager.translate(0.0F, f, 0.0F);
                ageInTicks = 0.0F;

                Model.setLivingAnimations(entitylivingbaseIn, limbSwing, limbSwingAmount, partialTicks);
                Model.setRotationAngles(limbSwing, limbSwingAmount, ageInTicks, netHeadYaw, headPitch, scale, entitylivingbaseIn);
                Model.render(entitylivingbaseIn, limbSwing, limbSwingAmount, ageInTicks, netHeadYaw, headPitch, scale);


    public boolean shouldCombineTextures()
        return false;






	public void RenderPlayerEvent(RenderPlayerEvent.Pre event) {		
		LayerEntityOnPlayerBack layer = new LayerEntityOnPlayerBack(event.getRenderer().getRenderManager());


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RenderPlayer is very specific since it is attached to a "skin" identifier(steve or alex)

You can get the map from Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderManager().getSkinMap()

The value of a given key in said map will be the RenderPlayer instance.

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