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  1. search if the mod you want to port has an github and clone it from there just port it if has one ... also check if the mod owner has something to say about the rights to modify the mod and if not then just use it for private purposes only
  2. just for your information maybe this helps you searching for the crash next time: look where it stops being Constructed:
  3. why would you have 2 classes what is the purpose of that? when you use the @Config annotation you don't have to use a IModGuiFactory (if you don't want the normal Forge gui for the Configs then you would use the IModGuiFactory) when you have a @Config you can just have multiple categories in there you would create Static classes containing those categories
  4. thanks thats exactly the information i needed
  5. can i make a custom entity and have it something like the thrower in the EntityThrowable class (that the player is being counted as the one that kills as example) .. ? if yes how would i do that?
  6. This is 100% allowed by Minecraft as in the eula described:
  7. on the list of StopModReposts there is 9Minecraft listed for mod reposts so i guess no i would use a site like curseforge because it is pretty reliable
  8. solved it - after some searching i stumbled upon this which is the same i want to do
  9. Do you have the deobfuscated version of the mods you want to use as libaries in your Build Path? I mean like proper deobf's versions .. i have seen that causing errors after compiling the mod and running it & while compiling
  10. try to take out weather2 from your modpack
  11. just noticed its 1.14.2 - nevermind (i don't mod on 1.14.2) heh
  12. i want to intercept some vanilla Keybindings and i am almost sure this is possible if i just set it before its fired to my own keybind and set pressed and pressTime of the Vanilla keybinding to false (pressTime to 0) maybe i have to remove it from the KEYBIND_ARRAY of the KeyBinding class too ... point is: Those are all private fields ... heh .. do i need reflection for this or is this also possible without?
  13. ok then what mods exactly do you have on the server?
  14. First of all accept the eula set the eula=true in the eula.txt
  15. oh ok thanks for the information ? its post if you want to draw after the ElementType that you check for if i am correct (not sure tho)
  16. i would extend GuiScreen for the Gui (register it on the EventBus on the client side (trough your ClientProxy) then i would use the RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post to draw stuff and check if the event Type is not the ElementType Expierence otherwise look at some tutorials and most of them even if they are outdated you can still use them as reference look trough some of the minecraft gui files that may also help and 1.14 is pretty buggy so i would recommend 1.13 but your choice (i did not mod on 1.14 just fyi)
  17. ok will do that thanks did fix that till now this works like a charm i pretty happy with the result
  18. what exactly do you mean by "(un)boxing stuff" i don't quite follow you there
  19. okay but that didn't work (don't know why i am doing really everything correct..) but i did found a way around i looked at how The Parrot renderer does this its just storing most of the information in the DataManager of the player so i tried that and it worked perfectly i registered it in the capability and set it when i syncronize my capability (just so you get the idea of what i did:) private static final DataParameter<Integer> MODEL_ID = EntityDataManager.<Integer>createKey(EntityPlayer.class, DataSerializers.VARINT); // when i register my Capability pla
  20. i dont know if that is a bug or so but itself the packets work only on the client side for me if i do not do something like Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft(); if i use Minecraft.getMinecraft(); directly for it will not crash on the server just found that out by trying and i think thats not what it is supposed to do ? this works even if i do not use the SidedProxy: @Override public IMessage onMessage(MM message, MessageContext ctx) { Minecraft.getMinecraft().addScheduledTask(() -> { Minecraft.getMinecraft().player.getCapability(Cap
  21. ok odd enough that this works so i have to use ctx.getServerHandler.player even for client? (sorry i am very slow at learning "complicated" stuff) and itself getting it work somehow isn't the issue but getting it send to players tracking the client .-.
  22. i just noticed why it does work the way i do it because the class EntityPlayerSP is never loaded and the class Minecraft should be on the server too right? Because i only reference the EntityPlayerSP with Minecraft.getMinecraft().player;
  23. i personally would go to 1.13.2 first to get used to it because it is a bit better to find information on the forge version and and -should- have less bugs
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