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[1.5.1] Extra Terestrial Mod


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Extra Terestrial Mod - V0.1 [MC 1.5.1]


width=800 height=449https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28135786/MinecraftMods/Extra%20Terrastrial%20Mod/images/logo.png[/img]


This mod adds new mobs, blocks, tools, and items to minecraft. The future releases of this mod is planned to help give minecraft an extra terestrial feel to it.





==V 0.1==

-Initial Release






- Forge Mod Loader - Get It Here




- 5 Tools

    - Blinomium Pickaxe

    - Blinomium Hoe

    - Blinomium Spade

    - Blinomium Axe

    - Blinomium Sword

    - Ultimate Blinomium Tool (Paxel: 5 Tools in 1)

- Cannon (Block)

    - Needs an obsidian block below it to function

    - Has a 30 Second cool down

    - Can be activated through right click or redstone

- Raw Blinmomium Ore (Block)

    - Generated in the world, slightly rarer than diamond

- 4 Items

    - Uncharged Cannon

    - Blinomium Crystal

          - Can be eaten to obtain super digging speed but at the same time nausia and poison

    - Blinomium Shard

          - A Blinomium Shard has a 8% chance of being obtained when hitting an enemy with the Blinomium Sword

    - Impure Blinomium Ore

- New Armor

    - Wearing full armor gives you the effects: Night Vision/Fire Resistance 2



Planned Features:

- Lazer animation to the cannon block

- More Alien Mobs

- Custom Render Models for all the equipment

- Custom Vehicles (Spaceships)

- Cannon Requiring a special fuel to operate














Version 0.1 For 1.5.1 - Direct



Installation Instructions:

Install like any other Forge Mod, Take the zip file and put it in appdata/.minecraft/mods/

Bumper Cars!

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