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Item and Block modifier Interfaces


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Hi! I'll try to keep this simple. What I think would be a nice addition to Minecraft Forge is two new interfaces, one for blocks and one for items. The interfaces will have methods that are found in Item/Block and will allow the addition of customized vanilla access. For example, the Item Modifier interface would include methods such as addInformation(params), onItemRightClick(params) etc, basically clone methods of the standard methods. In a class that implements one of those interfaces, modders can define their own customized code for vanilla items, such along the lines of making slimeballs spawn slimes on right clicks, or adding "Yummy!" to golden apple's information set.


This implementation should only work for Items /Blocks that don't already have their own custom code, which will limit clashes between right click abilities (swords shooting fireballs and then blocking?) and bring the number of base class edits to a minimum (2). I've already written the scratch code for it so I know how it should work and how the access interfaces should be registered. This will also eliminate the need to override items as a new class and possibly cause conflict with mods that do the same.


That's all, happy modding. :)

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