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[WIP] MapTools mod - NBT ingame editing, filters, scripted events etc.


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Hey there!

Have you ever been doing an advanced escape or adventure map? Weren't you tired with the need of using external tools to set all the NBT tags right or with finding a proper tutorial? Well, this is going to end because now you will be able to use all the special features and even new ones!


Idea: What is hard, my mod will make easy. What is impossible, my mod will make possible.


Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you the new MapTools mod!


Major enabled features:

  • In-game NBT tags text editor with made presets, help pages, copy-paste functions etc.
  • In-game NBT tags GUI editor to make NBT editing even easier - this will be using the grab and drop functions and will show you all important fields and description of every tag
  • Built-in help for all the mod functions and all the game map functions with examples and tutorials
  • A very simple environment to run/write/edit built-in, community's and your own craftscripts (something like MCedit filters)
  • Maybe even possibility to run MCedit filters
  • A very easy way to generate vanilla structures
  • Maybe some built-in tools to edit terrain like WorldEdit or VoxelSniper
  • Much more!


Major brand new features:

  • Lot of more NBT tags (e.g. for TNT to make more predictable explosions, to make blocks or items to be coloured a bit), to make glass able to be destroyed by arrow, to make mobs explode with bacon(lol?), to change the size of mobs, block drops etc.
  • Blocks for scripting block changes! Something like command blocks but you will be able to set somewhere a wall (or castle :D), somewhere destroy a house, somewhere activate a piston or even animate blocks!
  • Player NPCs with even scripted events, different models, talking system and much more
  • Special block functions like break a whole chunk of glass by destroying just one block, or making a chain-reaction (e.g. collapsing rock ceiling in a mineshaft)
  • And of course much more!


So do you like the idea?


Questions you will be probably asking:

Will the player be forced to download the mod to play my map?

It all depends on you! If you won't use any extra tools (<<brand new features>> like scripted player NPCs) the player won't have to. You can even make a map which player can play without mod but if he have the mod, he will be able to play more threads/places. The game will visibly say you that since now, the map needs mod to work. There will be probably a function to even not display extra functions.


When will be the mod out? Can I support you somehow?

The mod is in early stage of development. There isn't any beta version available and screenshots (for now). If you want to support me, you can write what you think about my mod down below or if you are an artist, you can make me a logo (I don't have one... :C) or a signature (something with command block and the idea? ;-)). I will need artist later to make the game graphics. If you feel really generously and you would like to donate me, contact me on PM. If you are a modder and want to code, I apologise, but for now I don't take people to team (but stay tuned ;-)).


Will there be a version for each new snapshot?

I'm afraid no but you know... Everything can happen ;-)


I have a genius idea!

So write it below! ;-)


What is the estimated date of releasing complete/beta mod?

There isn't a release date. I just started to work. You can speed me up by supporting by flattering me or (look 2 questions earlier).


And these you are probably to lazy to ask:



Are you lazy?

Yes, I am very much.


Do you like bacon?

Like every real Minecrafter in Minecraftia!


Do you like philosopher Francis Bacon?

Of course! But... who he is?


You are from...?

Poland, but I speak English and French too.


Want a hug?

Yep, of course!




So that's all. Hope you enjoy it!


Regards. Jantomedes

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