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Does an "Automated Filler"-type device exist (in any mod) for use in Creative mode?


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   I have spent a lot of time setting up automated scenarios in Minecraft worlds, where I often need a chest or crate "filled up" with a specific item or stacks of items, for use in testing. This gets very tedious, even using JEI or the like, because you have to "click" on the item in JEI, and then shift-click the item or stack from your inventory into the chest of crate, often many many times!


   My question is - does there exist (in any mod) a device that, when supplied with either a specified item (or list of items) will begin to output the items in such a way as one could utilize a pipe or conduit to easily transfer these items into any inventory? Maybe one could turn the device on with a redstone signal (a lever or some such)?


   So, for example, I need a LARGE CRATE from the Actually Additions mod, completely FILLED with cobblestone. The device I am describing would have a slot (or a group of slots / filter sockets) that would accept the item(s) you need as a sort-of "whitelist", and would (upon receipt of a redstone signal, maybe?) would begin to output either single items, or full stacks, in such a way that I could pipe them into the large crate using conduits from the EnderIO mod (again, as an example)?


   This device would really be useful in CREATIVE MODE, but could then be utilized to fill containers much more easily than the manual method. Perfect for testing things such as OVERFLOW situations, etc. in automated world build(s). Or simply for supplying any new redstone builds with a "testing" supply of an item...


   This device would simply "create" the item(s) it sent out (you would NOT need to have those items somewhere in you inventory already, thus the "Creative Mode" concept...). Kinda like an "infinite gas pump", but for whatever item or full stack you desire!


  Does anyone out there see the benefit of such a device? Have you spent countless minutes transfering stacks of cobblestone (for example) from JEI to your inventory, and then to a target container, just so that you could test what happens when that container overflows within your automated build? Or, say, you need a container with a lot of items to test a new redstone creation out? You CAN get stacks of an item from JEI via countless mouseclicks, but wouldn't it be nice if you could hook up a conduit, turn on a device, and let it run until the "target" container was filled or nearly filled? And you would still have the benefit of CREATIVE MODE, so you would not need to mine or craft these items yourself. The would simply be "pulled from the ether", creative-mode style!


I know that I myself could really use such a device; I'm just wondering about anyone else?


  I am just curious if such a device already exists, and what the name of the mod and the described device is within that mod. I am considering creating such a device myself, as I have never come across just such a device in my modded Minecraft travels.


   Anyways, again, just curious!


   Thanks for your time,






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There are a few  

Thermal Expansion has a Creative Strongbox https://ftbwiki.org/Creative_Strongbox
Extra Utilities has a Creative Chest https://ftb.gamepedia.com/Creative_Chest  
There are a few others I think. In 1.7.10 there was one called duplicator.  
Try using JEI / NEI / <whatever_it_is_these_days>EI to search for the terms. The Thermal Expansion one is probably your best bet.

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    • I'm sure load and SaveAdditional are what you are looking for, probably. Mind sharing your BE class code? You also need to override onLoad method if you haven't
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