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[1.14.3 - 27.0.13] Creating a tank


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Yes, in the meantime, I had to do some horrible kludging to make the copper buckets in Simple Ores kinda/sorta work. (Had to abuse the BucketItem class, subclass it, and disallow empty bucket stacking to get copper buckets back).  That is to say, none of the Fluid stuff is really working, including UniversalBucket.

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Fluids are indeed very much changed in 1.13+ vanilla; Forge didn't remove the modded support on a whim.


Fluids are now full-on registry entries with support for tags, like items or blocks (or nearly everything else in 1.14), and on top of that we now have blocks able to hold both a BlockState and a FluidState (which is how 1.13+ allows for waterlogged blocks).  Needless to say, it's all really really different internally.

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