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1.13.2 Custom record Sound is null.


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It seems to be a cart before the horse issue: items are registered before sounds so the record has no sound attached to it. I can get around this by using a static initialiser, but I'm looking for other options. I also have a similar issue using custom spawn eggs: the entity type is a null. In this case I'm using spawn eggs directly so they can be placed in my mod's creative tab.


public class JungleSounds {

	public static SoundEvent RECORD_SURVIVORS;
	public static SoundEvent SAUROHN_DEATH;
	public static SoundEvent SAUROHN_HURT;
	public static SoundEvent SAUROHN_LAUGH;
	public static SoundEvent SAUROHN_MOCK;
	public static SoundEvent SAUROHN_TALK;
	public static void init() //Not currently called, doesn't work if used from pre-init
		/*RECORD_SURVIVORS = registerSound("records.eyetyrant");
		SAUROHN_DEATH = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_death");
		SAUROHN_HURT = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_hurt");
		SAUROHN_LAUGH = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_laugh");
		SAUROHN_MOCK = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_mock");
		SAUROHN_TALK = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_talk");*/

	private static SoundEvent registerSound(String soundName) 
	    //soundID;//SoundEvent soundID = IRegistry.field_212633_v.func_212608_b(new ResourceLocation(soundName));
		final ResourceLocation soundID = new ResourceLocation(References.MODID, soundName);
		return new SoundEvent(soundID).setRegistryName(soundID);
	@EventBusSubscriber(modid = References.MODID, bus = EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD)
	public static class RegistrationHandlerSound 
		public static void registerSoundEvents(final RegistryEvent.Register<SoundEvent> event) 
					RECORD_SURVIVORS = registerSound("records.eyetyrant"),
					SAUROHN_DEATH = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_death"),
					SAUROHN_HURT = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_hurt"),
					SAUROHN_LAUGH = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_laugh"),
					SAUROHN_MOCK = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_mock"),
					SAUROHN_TALK = registerSound("saurohn.saurohn_talk")


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I ended up initialising my SoundEvents in a method called from RegistryEvent.Register<Item> and storing them in a temporary Map until they're registered in RegistryEvent.Register<SoundEvent>.


You can see this here

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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