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I have always been a bit confused with Enums. So my question is if we have e.g. constructor with an EnumMagic for an argument and we want to use other data than the existing in EnumMagic, so do we HAVE to edit EnumMagic or is there way to to something like "new EnumMagic(data)".


Regards. Jantomedes


This is just a theoretical Java question. It's not about the armor. Really.

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I'm sorry but it didn't help me at all. Anyway thank for your trying to help ;-)


Better let's get an example:

We have ItemArmor(EnumArmorMaterial) and we want to define an object with it but no of existing values in EnumArmorMaterial is good for us. We also don't want to change ItemArmor or EnumArmorMaterial class nor create new class which is just a bit changed ItemArmor. How we can do that?


Possible ideas: (i didn't check them, they're just examples what I'm searching for)

ItemArmor(new EnumArmorMaterial(data));


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Hello. These are my thoughts on that subject. A Java enum is a special type of class the represents a limited set of constant and immutable objects. The best thing to do is probably to edit the original enum if you need one more of these values in your limited set. To "cheat" enums via reflection is not a good idea. Save in cases where you are kind of "hacking" into some code that is expected to remain the same (i.e. some code that you can't change for your own purposes, like minecraft's class files). That's the case of Forge's EnumHelper, which is really helpful.


But to go on changing enums at runtime without any REAL need defeats the purpose of a limited well known set of objects. I believe that's included under the concept of type safety?


This is my opinion, which is based on what is considered good programming practice by most people, I think.

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