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[1.12.2] Server startup issue


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Hello, when I attempt to launch a server with my mod from my IDE, it crashes. Launching client works fine. Here is part of the stack trace showing ClassNotFoundException: 265902500d3143d5c928e542c665f664.png


Here is where I register the classhttps://github.com/PapaVinny/SwordfightOverlayHelp/blob/master/java/mod/papavinny/swordfight/Main.java 



  • Do I have proxies and/or main set up correctly?
  • Why can't my StaminaGUI class be found?
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Thanks for responding so fast, 

  • If I'm understanding: So don't extend common proxy in the client proxy class? Also, are you saying to use SidedProxy in the StaminaGUI class? ClientProxy class? I don't think I'm understanding what you mean by "encapsulate access to client-only classes". 
  • Noted, will fix.
  • Thanks, removed.
  • Should probably initialize that within the actual method, I'm not sure. Made a while ago.
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Hello again diesieben07, I think cleaned up the issues you pointed out besides the SwordSoundHandler class. It seems to have issues when I take the annotation off but I will come back to that.

Though, I'm trying to figure out the packets. Here is my most up-to-date work leading directly to my actual GUI class: https://github.com/PapaVinny/SwordfightPacketHelp/blob/master/java/mod/papavinny/swordfight/gui/StaminaGUI.java



The error message for my current tests (when a packet is sent: 248375627c7af63592998d3864bb4358.png

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My college courses so far never covered that, odd I know. I'll have to learn that. 
Printing within the constructor of the packet sends a print message. The single matching number is printed directly from that entity's handler: ca2967a343df106eb6fc681411797ec1.png

So I am pretty sure it's sending. handleClientPlayer doesnt seem to be going off I'll look into that.

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