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Cant Open Forge for Minecraft 1.14.3

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Sorry but i dont know how i can provide you that corrupted file, because i cannot see the log of the files installed by the Forge installer, because when that windows of the picture appears it only give me 1 option:


Put "aceptar" (ok in english)


And then automatically close it. So i cannot see the log of the installer.


By the way, i prove with another version of forge, i was trying the lastest one "27.0.25"


But, i install one by one 27.0.25 (buged), 27.0.24 (buged), 27.0.23 (buged), 27.0.22 (buged) and finally i install version 27.0.21 and it finally works (without that bug of the picture that i send in this post). But.... i cannot put mods ... i dont know why.. any mode that use Forge


Example: JEI. I download Jei, put in the mod directory, and the game send me an error... See


Any sugestion?



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