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[Solved] KeyBinding in 1.14 not retaining changes


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Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere. I looked, but didn't find it.

In versions of my Forge mod up to 1.12.2, I was handling KeyBindings like this, and it was working fine:

1. Declare the KeyBindings

2. In FMLPreInitializationEvent, registerKeyBinding

3. Detect the bound keys being used, using a KeyInputEvent, within my code


I realise things are slightly different in 1.14.3:

1. I still Declare the KeyBindings as before (but have to use key codes instead of the Keyboard. shortcuts)

2. There is no FMLPreInitializationEvent, so I registerKeyBinding in FMLClientSetupEvent

3. I Detect the keys in virtually the same way, but KeyInputEvent is no more, so I use ClientTickEvent instead


All of this basically works in 1.14.3 the same as it used to, but with one problem. If I change a keymapping in-game (on the Controls screen) then it works just fine while I am in-game, and even writes the new key code to the options.txt file, but the next time I go into game, the key mappings are back to the default ones. This didn't happen in 1.12.2. It's as though it is not reading the mappings from options.txt - or is it reading them and then overwriting them with the defaults?


Has anyone else experienced this problem in 1.14.3, or maybe you know what I am doing wrong here and can help?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Now solved
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Ah. Thank you. Just to confirm that I have got this right - we are both doing exactly the same things, but you do it all in your ClientProxy, whereas I have been doing it in my base mod, and tying them to particular events.

Evidently you do not see this problem, so I shall try to replicate your method in my code and hopefully ...

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After working on restructuring my whole mod, to bring it as close to @Cadiboo's example as I could, this still wasn't working. (But my mod was so much better structured. Thanks, @Cadiboo!)


Then I discovered what the problem had been all along. I had been using an old convention available for KeyBindings, which evidently worked up to and including 1.12. My categories were named 'key.category.batty'. This must now be 'key.categories.batty'. I also had the KeyBindings themselves named e.g. 'key.batty:infodisplay' and this should now be 'key.batty.infodisplay'.


One or the other (or both) of these were responsible for my problem. It's very strange, because the whole key binding worked fine while I was in game. It's just that it forgot the key bindings which had been changed the next time I entered game.


Anyway. All solved. I just thought I would post this in case anyone else wanders into similar problems. It's all in the name!

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