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[SOLVED][1.14.3] Difficulties creating multiple energies per block


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Hi So i've been trying to add a second and third energy to the same block....and i've hit a snag with not not being able to get the energy to be non static PER block placement...but i also need them to be static so that i can pass the Energy into the Screen to increase Bar Progress and Energy Status....Here's my git...Any help with figuring out HOW to Intialize Mana_StoneTile.java would be a major help...I know i need an instant of it...and probably some other things...but i can't figure out how...




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ManaStoneContainer, ManaStoneTile, and ManaStoneScreen are not blocks and should not be in your blocks package. They should be in inventory, tileentities, and client.gui respectively.








1) you can just make the field a CustomEnergyStorage in the first place so you don't need to cast

2) you shouldn't have "add fire energy" as a separate method from "add water energy" on your custom energy storage as you already separate them by using different instances

3) What, if you're "adding fire energy" as your singular method name, its named wrong.


And now on to your requested problem


Because all of your energies are all the same ENERGY capability you can't distinguish which energy you return from GetCapability.



1) make a new capability

2) use a custom energy storage that stores all four as independent variables


I recommend #1, as #2 will require an assumption when dealing with energy systems from other mods (which one is the right type to send over?)

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Yea after being explained what was going on by another...i realized that Two would be the way to go for this mod....as the energy inside would only SEEM to be energy...and wouldn't be used for any other mod at this time, eventually I'd create a converter block or system that would turn them into other mod's energy.  But honestly this is more of a 'magical energy' system...and shouldn't be used by other mods...though i suppose it could.  Thank you for taking the time to recommend these things and point out some of the setup issues i had! I'm glad you took the time.   

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