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[1.12.2] Modify Vanilla Textures at Runtime?


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I wanted to add a glowing effect or something like that to certain vanilla items based on their NBT. I don't really have something specific in mind, so it could be some background effect or particles or something that looks like the enchantment glow. 


Is there a way to intercept the texture at runtime?


My backup is to just add an item tooltip to differentiate it since there's an event for that but I would like it to be more obvious if possible.

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@diesieben07 Thanks. Do you know if I can do more complicated overrides than just making new JSON models? i.e. if I wanted a programmatic effect like the vanilla enhancement effect? I have some experience with IModel but I'm not sure how that works for overriding a vanilla IModel, if it's even possible. 


Also is there a way to make JSON models use a boolean NBT value (or any other NBT value for that matter)?

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