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For some reason the most updated version for the reap mod isn't working (the only thing for ME that isn't working is the Tree Chopper part of the mod where it's like treecapitator and chops down whole trees, but for some others it's just the whole mod not working.. it's unfortunate as I'd downloaded it for the tree chopping). The owner of the mod said this in response to someone letting them know it wasn't working " This is a forge bug. Currently the block events are not fired...". I was just wondering if this really was the case and how soon it could be updated.

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8 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Well, if they have an issue with Forge, they should report it properly on the Forge issue tracker instead of just posting it on some forum thread where nobody will see it and expecting it to magically get fixed on it's own.

That's why I figured I'd make mention of it here. Should I mention in a reply to them that they should contact forge if it's on forge's end and not theirs? Because I'd think that if they want it to be fixed so badly, they'd have done it already because of it not being on their end.. I'd assume they probably wouldn't want people to stop using the mod because it's not working. Thank you for responding, by the way. I prefer forge over fabric, that's why if I see an issue (which I hadn't for a long time until now) I try to let whomever know so maybe it could be fixed. Usually it's the mods with the issue (like Optifine.. sucks but I'd rather mods over a pretty looking game XD) and not forge.

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