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Why the eye-hight indicator at the collision-box does not move, if i change the value of the eye-hight?


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I try to set ithe EyeHeight for my eintties.

And if i use F3+B to show the collision-boxes of my entities, it always shows the red square and the blue beam just a little bit below the top of the collision-box.


It seams like, it is not, where my code places the EyeHeight of the entity.

For sample:

    public float getEyeHeight(Pose pose)
        return this.getSize(pose).height * 0.5f;

I´m pretty sure, this will place the EyeHeight in the middle of the collision-box-hight (for most of my Angry Birds characters, this is where the eyes are located on the texture),

But the red square is not located in this hight.

Why this happens?

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