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charge when right click with empty hand [1.12.2]


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im currently workin on the feature to charge for my custom abilities. i have a player capability which stores all abilities and values like if the player is charging..

i use PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickEmpty event where i check which ability is selected and start the initial charging, but now i need to check if the right click button was released to stop the charging and do the ability stuff.

how do i check if the player holds rightclick so i can send a packet to stop charging when right click was released? can i somehow get the vanilla keybindings and check if the key is down?


	public void onRightClickNenSkill(PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickEmpty event) {
		EntityPlayer player = event.getEntityPlayer();
		INen nen = player.getCapability(NenProvider.NEN_CAP, null);
		if(player.getHeldItemMainhand().isEmpty() && player.getHeldItemOffhand().isEmpty()) {
			if(event.getHand() == EnumHand.MAIN_HAND) {
				int index = GuiIngameNenSkills.getIndex();
				if(nen.getSkills().size() > index) {
					System.out.println("YOU USED YOUR SKILL " + nen.getSkills().get(index).getId());
					PacketHandler.INSTANCE.sendToServer(new PacketActivateSkill(index));


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