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[1.14][SOLVED] Can't change TileEntity name color


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I'm trying to change the displayed name color of a tile entity. By default the game renders it in dark gray, as you can see in the image, but i want it to be white. Since in the ```GameRenderer.drawNameplate``` method appearently you can't pass the color as argument, i've tried to override the internal method in the tile entity code instead, by doing this

package com.antiblaze.entities.renderers;

        import com.antiblaze.entities.tileentity.AntiBedrockTileEntity;
import com.antiblaze.settings.Settings;
import com.mojang.blaze3d.platform.GlStateManager;
import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
import net.minecraft.client.gui.FontRenderer;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.ActiveRenderInfo;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.BufferBuilder;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.Tessellator;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.tileentity.TileEntityRenderer;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.vertex.DefaultVertexFormats;
import net.minecraftforge.api.distmarker.Dist;
import net.minecraftforge.api.distmarker.OnlyIn;

 * AntiBedrock TileEntity Renderer
public class AntiBedrockTileEntityRenderer extends TileEntityRenderer<AntiBedrockTileEntity> {

     * Render the Tile Entity
     * @param tileEntityIn AntiBedrock Tile Entity
     * @param x TileEntity X Position
     * @param y TileEntity Y Position
     * @param z TileEntity Z Position
     * @param partialTicks TileEntity Partial Ticks
     * @param destroyStage TileEntity Destroy Stages
    public void render(AntiBedrockTileEntity tileEntityIn, double x, double y, double z, float partialTicks, int destroyStage) {
        if(tileEntityIn.getDonator() != null) {
            ActiveRenderInfo activerenderinfo = this.rendererDispatcher.renderInfo;
            double d0 = tileEntityIn.getDistanceSq(activerenderinfo.getProjectedView().x, activerenderinfo.getProjectedView().y, activerenderinfo.getProjectedView().z);
            if (!(d0 > (double)(Settings.BEDROCK_NAME_RANGE.get() * Settings.BEDROCK_NAME_RANGE.get()))) {
                float f = activerenderinfo.getYaw();
                float f1 = activerenderinfo.getPitch();
                drawNameplate(this.getFontRenderer(), tileEntityIn.getDonator(), (float)x + 0.5F, (float)y + 1.5F, (float)z + 0.5F, 0, f, f1, false, 0xFFFFFF);

    public static void drawNameplate(FontRenderer fontRendererIn, String str, float x, float y, float z, int verticalShift, float viewerYaw, float viewerPitch, boolean isSneaking, int color) {
        GlStateManager.translatef(x, y, z);
        GlStateManager.normal3f(0.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F);
        GlStateManager.rotatef(-viewerYaw, 0.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F);
        GlStateManager.rotatef(viewerPitch, 1.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
        GlStateManager.scalef(-0.025F, -0.025F, 0.025F);
        if (!isSneaking) {

        GlStateManager.blendFuncSeparate(GlStateManager.SourceFactor.SRC_ALPHA, GlStateManager.DestFactor.ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA, GlStateManager.SourceFactor.ONE, GlStateManager.DestFactor.ZERO);
        int i = fontRendererIn.getStringWidth(str) / 2;
        Tessellator tessellator = Tessellator.getInstance();
        BufferBuilder bufferbuilder = tessellator.getBuffer();
        bufferbuilder.begin(7, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_COLOR);
        float f = Minecraft.getInstance().gameSettings.func_216840_a(0.25F);
        bufferbuilder.pos((double)(-i - 1), (double)(-1 + verticalShift), 0.0D).color(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, f).endVertex();
        bufferbuilder.pos((double)(-i - 1), (double)(8 + verticalShift), 0.0D).color(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, f).endVertex();
        bufferbuilder.pos((double)(i + 1), (double)(8 + verticalShift), 0.0D).color(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, f).endVertex();
        bufferbuilder.pos((double)(i + 1), (double)(-1 + verticalShift), 0.0D).color(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, f).endVertex();
        if (!isSneaking) {
            fontRendererIn.drawString(str, (float)(-fontRendererIn.getStringWidth(str) / 2), (float)verticalShift, color);

        fontRendererIn.drawString(str, (float)(-fontRendererIn.getStringWidth(str) / 2), (float)verticalShift, isSneaking ? color : -1);
        GlStateManager.color4f(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F);


But the nameplate still draws as before




So how can i change this color to be whatever color i want?

EDIT: Solved by implementing the INameable interface in the tile entity

Edited by JimiIT92

Don't blame me if i always ask for your help. I just want to learn to be better :)

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