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Forge 1.14: Using different wavefront models when rendering items in the inventory and when handheld.


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Hello guys!

I just managed to render wavefront models instead of the 2d textures for items in forge 1.14. Here is how I did it:

public static void onModelBakeEvent(ModelBakeEvent event) {
	registerModel(event, "minecraft:wooden_sword",		"rolecraft:item/wooden_sword.obj");

private static void registerModel(ModelBakeEvent event, String itemName, String modelPathWithFileType) {
	try {
		// Try to load an OBJ model (placed in src/main/resources/assets/examplemod/models/) REMEMBER *.obj
		IUnbakedModel model = ModelLoaderRegistry.getModelOrMissing(new ResourceLocation(modelPathWithFileType));

		if (model instanceof OBJModel) {
			// If loading OBJ model succeeds, bake the model and replace stick's model with the baked model
			IBakedModel bakedModel = model.bake(event.getModelLoader(), ModelLoader.defaultTextureGetter(), new BasicState(model.getDefaultState(), false), DefaultVertexFormats.ITEM);
			event.getModelRegistry().put(new ModelResourceLocation(itemName, "inventory"), bakedModel);
	} catch (Exception e) {


While this looks great in-game, there are some problems with the GUIs. The item is rendered in a very unfortunate way in the GUI and in item frames, as you can see in the attached image. I want to rotate the sword 90 degrees around the z-axis when the sword is not rendered in an entity's hand. How do you suggest I do this?


Thanks in advance for your help :)


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