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    • Other players on the client? Does it mean players connected to the LAN? then what?
    • Hello, I'd like to have a special armor that allows player to throw a force field when right click but only when they wear the complete armor set. Here's the repo of the project, and here's the crash report. I know that we should use an event based method rather than checking with ticks, but I have no idea what function I should create/call to do that. I don't even understand why this kind of method could provoque such error. So please, I hope you could help me on this one, Thanks anyway, Elsopéen
    • I completely understand the motivation behind your reply and you are correct.  Forge is amazing and the event hooks you have developed allow for so much.  But also... the three of you who have replied are modders at heart... perhaps even the kings of all modders.  Would you be happy to work within the confines of someone else's framework? 🙂  I am not asking for any help with CoreModding.  Its purely a rhetorical bit of fun and doesn't really need a response. Genuinely love your work.  You are truly the enablers of much joy in the world and I often wonder how much you should be owed by YouTube?
    • Hi i'm new to minecraft modding so i'm trying to learn. I'm having issues with an LazyOptional<IItemHandler> variable what i want to do is get the boolean from itemhandler.isItemValid and put it in an condition. but when i do  itemhandler.ifPresent(h -> h.isItemValid(1, state.getBlock().getItem(world, blockpos, state))); it says to me that itemhandler.ifPresent is a void method i understand but i can't find an other way to get to the return of h.isItemValid Thank u anyhelp would be cool and sry for bad english. here is the method: private void Looting(BlockState state, BlockPos blockpos, PlayerEntity player) { LazyOptional<IItemHandler> itemhandler; TileEntity chest; if(world.getBlockState(pos.add(0, 1, 0)) == BlockInit.harvest_chest.getDefaultState()) { chest = world.getTileEntity(pos.add(0, 1, 0)); itemhandler = chest.getCapability(CapabilityItemHandler.ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY, null); //test itemhandler.ifPresent(h -> h.isItemValid(1, state.getBlock().getItem(world, blockpos, state))); //test for(io = 0; io < 36; io++) { //condition that needs test if(itemhandler) itemhandler.ifPresent(h -> h.insertItem(io, state.getBlock().getItem(world, blockpos, state), false)); //condition } } else if(getDistancetoBlock(player, pos)) { player.addItemStackToInventory(state.getBlock().getItem(world, blockpos, state)); player.sendStatusMessage(new StringTextComponent("HELLO"), true); } else { Block.spawnDrops(state, world, pos.add(0, 1, 0), this.getTileEntity(), null, ItemStack.EMPTY); } }  
    • My cap value is synced player max health. It's reset every time player join the world.
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