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[1.14.4] TileEntityItemStackSpecialRenderer (TEISR)


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I got this item that stores a single stack of something else, and a glass variant of it should render the stack inside, but according to the docs I just need to set the renderer on the item and it should work but as far as I can see nothing happens, not even the console prints anything:



public class ItemSingleStackGlassContainer extends ItemSingleStackContainer
    public ItemSingleStackGlassContainer(String name, float isolation, int tint)
        super(new Item.Properties().setTEISR(() -> SingleStackGlassContainerItemRender::new),name,isolation,tint);


The superclass:


public class ItemSingleStackContainer extends Item

    public static final ResourceLocation open = new ResourceLocation(Reference.MODID,"open");

    private final float isolation;
    private final int tint;

    private static short failedToOpen = 0;
    private boolean isOpen = false;

    public ItemSingleStackContainer(Item.Properties properties,String name, float isolation, int tint)

        if (isolation < 0 || isolation > 1) throw new IllegalArgumentException("Can only be between 0 and 1!");

        addPropertyOverride(open,(itemStack, worldIn, entityLivingBase) -> isOpen ? 1 : 0);

        this.isolation = isolation;
        this.tint      = tint;

    public static ItemStack getContainedItemStack(ItemStack stack)
        IItemHandler handler = stack.getCapability(CapabilityItemHandler.ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY).orElseThrow(NullPointerException::new);
        return handler.getStackInSlot(0);


The renderer that should just render the stack somewhere visible on the camera for now and print out to the console:


public class SingleStackGlassContainerItemRender extends ItemStackTileEntityRenderer
    public void renderByItem(ItemStack itemStackIn)
        System.out.println("Rendering it I guess."); // Doesn't get printed out to the console.

        if (itemStackIn.getItem() instanceof ItemSingleStackGlassContainer) {

            ItemStack itemStack = ItemSingleStackContainer.getContainedItemStack(itemStackIn);

            if (itemStack != ItemStack.EMPTY) {

                Minecraft.getInstance().getItemRenderer().renderItem(itemStack, ItemCameraTransforms.TransformType.FIXED);



Edited by Simon_kungen
Forgot to add the static getContainedItemStack() function.
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Looking at the doc it mentions it will not validate the new renderer if it does not have IBakedModel#isBuiltInRenderer set to true.

In order to use a TEISR, the Item must first satisfy the condition that its model returns true for IBakedModel#isBuiltInRenderer.
Once that returns true, the Item’s TEISR will be accessed for rendering. If it does not have one, it will use the default TileEntityItemStackRenderer.instance.


Which is most likely why it does not fire. The problem now is that I have no idea how to enable that. I can create a new class implementing IBakedModel but then I do not know how to have it applied on my item, and when to apply it to avoid server crash.

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21 hours ago, Yanny7 said:

Umm, looks like you've done exactly as I did. Can you only attach it when you register an item and initializes it in the same line?

LARGE_GLASS_JAR = new ItemSingleStackGlassContainer(new Item.Properties().setTEISR(() -> () -> SingleStackGlassContainerItemRender.INSTANCE),"large_glass_jar",0.01f);


I register my items by creating a static variable and then add that variable to a list that registers all the entries when filled.

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