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Beginner noob help.


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Okay, I am new here. And tell me if I am doing anything wrong with the forum, with the post, or with my code.


And please, don't be mean to me :)

So I just started the tutorials with minecraft forge. I have experience in java for 2 years.

The generic mod tutorial had us write a deprecated method: MinecraftForgeClient.preloadTexture();

What should I do? Do I just not write the method of it?


Here is the tutorial I am following, or am I using an outdated tutorial?






P.S. I tried searching on the forums, used the search bar typing "MinecraftForgeClient.preloadTexture" and found no results. Is it just me or is the method is really deprecated.


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I am currently trying to setup the basis of this mod before creating any block. I'm just wondering, what's with the texture pack? Can you set it to default for now? Or just set my block to a color block?


Again, Why is the method deprecated? What should I use? Or should I leave it alone?



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Great I know just the guy for you, Pahimar:


Watch the videos inn order but skip all the episode 3 videos.

They are outdated and troublesome, episode 4 corrects all that and sets up a neat and tidy work enviroment :)

Episode 5 gives you a nice setup to start from and episode 6 is around the corner :)



The way textures are handled by minecraft got changed drastically by the 1.5 patch and the tutorial for the generic mod is not updated to reflect that change, that's why it tells you to use such methods. Now we use registerIcon but look into the link from Darknesschaos above for info about the textures :)

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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