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Main source of information for looking up things you don't understand?


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Hi, I'm very new to minecraft modding and I was wondering where most people get their information from.

For example: I've recently come across this line of code: 

METHOD = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.findMethod(ChunkManager.class, "func_223491_f");
I'm having a very hard time understanding what's happening here and can't seem to find any information online. I've looked into what ObfuscationReflectionHelper is as well as the chunkmanager and things like that but I'm not getting anywhere.
So I was wondering, where do you get your information from when you come across something you don't understand? How do you figure it out?
The forge documentation is.. not so extensive and I can't seem to find any information on any forum or just online in general.
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2 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

I look at the code and see what it's doing.

In this case I'd look at findMethod.

I'll try! Funny thing is, I see people posting examples of code where they use this and not even talk about that part. Everybody seems to know what it is for but at the same time I can't find any explanation. Guess I'll have to do some digging. 

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Experience, really. The longer you've worked with programming, the easier it becomes to follow the paths of code, to guess where to start looking, and of course understanding the code that you are looking at.


When I run into something I don't know/can't immediately figure out, I search google and/or here, using class/method names, full/partial error messages that I may get. Sometimes just typing in "minecraft forge <what i want to do>" will yield results. It's pretty amazing the amount of questions that get asked on here that are literally less than 2 pages of google/forums searching away!


And when that doesn't work, coming here with a link to code, full logs, and a decent description of what has been tried and what the end goal is, will typically get answers. As long as you aren't asking basic Java questions, and it's current forge related stuff, people here are pretty helpful when you ask the right questions.

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