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[1.15.2] Why DeferredWorkQueue don‘t work and cause me crashs?


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Hello, i have posted a topic in them i ask why my OreGen function (

) don‘t worked and @diesieben say me that i actually need to use DeferredWorkQueue. I tried but i am getting this error log: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/Minecraft-Modding-Logs/blob/master/LOG.log

The Main error was: „Registry Object not present“. Now i am confused: Why it say me that the Registry Object (My Ore) was not present if before it perfectly worked? I am registering my ore with the new registering method: The DeferredRegister. I have think that the DeferredWorkQueue run after the game has loaded but before the DeferredRegister can run: then it simply not find my block because the block don‘t was registered. My final question: How to resolve this and was here a alternative to the DeferredWorkQueue? My Main.java: https://github.com/DragonGamerDevelopers/NewFantasyMod/blob/1.15.2/src/main/java/mod/dragonita/fantasymod/Main.java

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