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[1.15.2] Error sending packets to the client?


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Ive tried to get my old Message System to work. When i send a Message from client to server it will work, when i send a Message vom server to Client I get anError:

Can somebody help me.



My Packet Handler:

package com.wilpito.wilpitomod.handler;

import com.wilpito.wilpitomod.network.MessageTileBase;

import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
import net.minecraft.network.NetworkManager;
import net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation;
import net.minecraft.util.math.BlockPos;
import net.minecraft.world.World;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.network.NetworkDirection;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.network.NetworkRegistry;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.network.simple.SimpleChannel;

public class PacketHandler {
	private static final String PROTICOL_VERSION = "1";
    public static final SimpleChannel CHANNEL = NetworkRegistry.newSimpleChannel(
    		new ResourceLocation("wilpitomod","main") 
    		, PROTICOL_VERSION::equals
    		, PROTICOL_VERSION::equals);

	public static final int TILEMSG=11;

	public PacketHandler()
		CHANNEL.registerMessage(TILEMSG, MessageTileBase.class, MessageTileBase::encode, MessageTileBase::new,MessageTileBase::handle);		
	public static void TileMsgSend(MessageTileBase msg,World World){
		if (!World.isRemote) return;
	public static void TileMsgSendtoClient(MessageTileBase msg, World worldIn){
		NetworkManager manager = Minecraft.getInstance().getConnection().getNetworkManager();
			CHANNEL.sendTo(msg, manager, NetworkDirection.PLAY_TO_CLIENT);

My Message:

package com.wilpito.wilpitomod.network;

import net.minecraft.network.PacketBuffer;
import net.minecraft.util.math.BlockPos;
import net.minecraftforge.fml.network.NetworkEvent;

import java.util.function.Supplier;

public class MessageTileBase { 
	// A default constructor is always required
	public MessageTileBase(){}
	// Coordinates of Tile
	protected BlockPos pos;
	protected String text;
	public MessageTileBase(BlockPos pos, String text){
		this.pos = pos;
		this.text = text;		
    public MessageTileBase(PacketBuffer buf) {
		pos = buf.readBlockPos();
	    text = buf.readString();
    public  void encode(PacketBuffer buf) {
 	    //.. Code on Client Side will folw hier..
    public void handle(Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> context) {
    	if (context == null) {

I Create the Messaeg for testing in My Tile Entity Tick() with 

PacketHandler.TileMsgSendtoClient(new MessageTileBase(this.pos ,"TEST"),this.world);


This will work when activating Message from Client to server:

PacketHandler.TileMsgSend(new MessageTileBase(new BlockPos(0,0,0),"TEST"),Minecraft.getInstance().world);


I think something is wrong with the network manager.

        NetworkManager manager = Minecraft.getInstance().getConnection().getNetworkManager();       
        CHANNEL.sendTo(msg, manager, NetworkDirection.PLAY_TO_CLIENT);

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Oky it might be a little bit strange. But i dont find an easy way to do this elsewhere.

Normaly i have 6 Packet handler on the same CHANNEL.In my old Mod on 1.8 it works.

Do you have an example with will work? In this forrum i only found the message class and the command line for CHANNEL.registerMessage.


I kow the direction, but in this time i need to send update Information from Server to Client. In an other case i will send Setup Informations from Client to server. So i Need both directions.

Current problem:

i Have a tileEntity on server with wil be updatte automatiocally with new Energy by transfering Energy from nighbors. When i Open the  Client Screen the current value should be shown on Scrren and can be changed by server before the Screen close. The client can't change the energy level.


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In this case the syncing should be done on the Container level, not the tile entity. It only needs to sync while the GUI is open.

Okay you are right. But the only way i know is to send an explicit message to sync between Client and Server. In old versions i've send an update when Tile value have be changed. This may have slow down perfomence.


At this time i down't know how to do a sync for some values to Client Container it in 1.15.2. I'm serching for anExample for do this in 1.15.2 about 3 days... but find nothing with will work.

It might verry helpfull to have some complete examples or an complete small mod to look at the code.






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