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[1.12.2] Advancements and other assets not loading


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Hey, I have problem with loading my mod assets. They're just not loading, Language files are not loaded too, testing through TextComponentTranslate: image.png.6616967b90359253cd81841c08de5ff9.png

sender.sendMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("tpcontrol:advancements.tpcontrol.popular_one.title"));
sender.sendMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("advancements.tpcontrol.popular_one.title"));
sender.sendMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("advancements.story.lava_bucket.title"));

I've tried to get advancements through Advancement Manager, and there are no my advancement.

event.getSender().getServer().getAdvancementManager().getAdvancements().forEach((Advancement advancement) -> TPControl.LOGGER.info(advancement.getId()));

Mod options tab also not showing my mcmod.info:

This is my mod repository - https://github.com/LazyTechwork/TPControl


Please help me

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