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  1. Hey, I have problem with loading my mod assets. They're just not loading, Language files are not loaded too, testing through TextComponentTranslate: sender.sendMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("tpcontrol:advancements.tpcontrol.popular_one.title")); sender.sendMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("advancements.tpcontrol.popular_one.title")); sender.sendMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("advancements.story.lava_bucket.title")); I've tried to get advancements through Advancement Manager, and there are no my advancement. event.getSender().getServer().getAdvancementManager().reload(); event.getSender().getServer().getAdvancementManager().getAdvancements().forEach((Advancement advancement) -> TPControl.LOGGER.info(advancement.getId())); Mod options tab also not showing my mcmod.info: This is my mod repository - https://github.com/LazyTechwork/TPControl Please help me
  2. Hello! I have a problem with a custom fluid. It's a steam. But it hasn't texture Source code: https://github.com/LazyTechwork/AtomicEnergy/tree/master/src/main/java/com/lazytechwork/atomicenergy/fluids What's wrong?
  3. I added dependency to support JEI: dependencies { deobfProvided "mezz.jei:jei_${mc_version}:${jei_version}:api" runtime "mezz.jei:jei_${mc_version}:${jei_version}" } After I ran gradlew build (don't know why) and this cause a lot of errors (Cannot resolve symbol on FMLInitializationEvent and etc.). How to fix all?
  4. So, after that I spawn new entityitem: @Override public boolean onEntityItemUpdate(EntityItem entityItem) { World world = entityItem.world; if (world.isRemote) { world.createExplosion(entityItem, entityItem.posX, entityItem.posY, entityItem.posZ, 0f, true); world.removeEntity(entityItem); world.spawnEntity(new EntityItem(world, entityItem.posX, entityItem.posY, entityItem.posZ, new ItemStack(ItemsRegistry.URANIUM, 1))); } return super.onEntityItemUpdate(entityItem); } But, I can't pickup new EntityItem. How can I fix this?
  5. Hello! I have onUpdate method onUpdate(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, Entity entityIn, int itemSlot, boolean isSelected) I need to check - is item in world as dropped item, after that I need to change item to another. How can I do this?
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