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[1.14.4]Overriding anvil GUI


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I'm trying to make a mod to remove limitation on repair costs in the Anvil.
I've identified the parts of code I need to change (and changed them):

  • in Repair container I've modified the computation of the cost
  • in RepairScreen I've to change what is written in the label to reflect the cost

I'm having a multitude of problems:

  • the anvils are not appearing in the creative menu
  • when I open the gui by right click seems like the game is using the original GUI
  • in creative I can see the cost (with 2 testing books) is 53 (the limit in survival is 39), but if I click to take the output book it disappear
  • each action is performed on the anvil gives a series of errors (that I don't understand quite well)
  • in survival nothing seems changed

Is this doable?
Could someone help with this?
Or could point me on a similar mod that override a default GUI like I want to do?


I can post the code if you need it

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