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updateJSONURL reponse json format and disable caching json


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I'm trying to add json file for the mod so it informs the user about updates.

But I don't really know what is the right format for it. Documentation seems to be outdated or it doesn't work for some reason. https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/gettingstarted/autoupdate/


Also while trying out different formats for that json, Something (gradle? forge?) cached the last result of the json-file and won't fetch it again, how you disable this caching while developing?


Should similar format work than what forge is using for checking updates?


there is also this version of the json:




Useful Tools - Early game items for your building and farming needs.


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ok figured it out.

format is (like the slim version in forge, maybe the other one works too, but this is fine for me):


  "homepage": "<url to mod file page>",
  "promos": {
    "<mc version>-latest": "<mod version>",
    "<mc version>-recommended": "<mod version>"


And I had little bit trouble with gist-file but figured it out also. The link to the update file needs to be specific so it's getting the latest one. This is where I thought it was caching the file.


updateJSONURL="gist.githubusercontent.com/[gist username]/[gist ID]/raw/"

Do not include commit id with it. Also filename is not required and in my case it fetched old version for some reason if I put it there.



Useful Tools - Early game items for your building and farming needs.


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