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Dartpace 24/7 Survival || Factions || McMMO || Plots || Looking For Mod!

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A 70 slot PvP server with Factions, MCMMO, MobArena and iConomy.


    We've only launched 2 weeks ago with great success with European players, we have a lot of Swedish players but we need US players to fill in the void. We have 2 admins Swedish/American and 2 Moderators English/Australian so you can expect immediate help if any issue should arise.


    Ofcourse, EU players are welcome aswell!


    We have a friendly admin team, always ready to assist you. We have our own website with unique features such as automatic achievement rewarding.

    Every week, the players that gained most levels in each MCMMO skill, earns achievements and ingame rewards.


    A faction base, with NPCs that protects the base from enemy factions



    If you don't like to PvP, you can simply buy a chunk(or more) to build completely protected from all PvP damage, and noone else can break your blocks.


    We have a balanced iConomy system. We use iConomy to create a market, allow players to purchase NPCs that protect their factions, and more.


    A players marketplot




  •     * 70 slots
        * protected building areas
        * Hosting provider based in France
        * Factions PvP server/Survival/MCMMO
        * Balanced donator vs non donator
        * Family friendly
        * low ping from Europe/US/Australia/Asia


    One of our two mobarenas



    You can register on our website http://www.dartpace.com, or join us right away at play.dartpace.com!





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